Veterinary consultations in English

English speaking veterinarian

Dr Moignard spent 2 months working in a pet clinic in Melbourne, Australia. So she is able to communicate with you in English about the health of your cats.

The fact that we have an English speaking veterinarian allows us to follow the latest news and updates about veterinary science in international journals and articles.

Services at our cat clinic

We can provide a wide range of services : general consultation, preventative medicine, general surgery, hospitalisation, imaging, osteopathy, dental care

Advice for international travel with your cats

We are able to advise you if you need to travel abroad with your cat. For most of the countries, there are some conditions to meet before you bring in a cat. We can do most of these formalities but they take some time. So come to our clinic to ask us what is necessary for your travel.

English Spoken Veterinarian